Statement On Attempts At Normalising Relations Between The Republic of Cuba And The United States of America

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The Socialist Forum of Ghana (SFG) welcomes the belated attempt by the Obama administration to normalize relations between the Republic of Cuba and the United State of America (USA), and the announcement of the release of the last three of the “Cuban Five” from prisons in the US.

In our view, the decisions of the White House are the direct result of struggles waged by the Cuban people under the leadership of the Communist Party and the worldwide solidarity from progressive and decent minded people and organizations.

Over the last 50 years and more, millions of people from all the continents of the world have made tremendous sacrifices in the heroic effort to secure justice for Cuba and its people.

That the blockade on Cuba has lasted this long is more the result of the intransigence of the ruling elite in the United State of America, which was nurturing the false hope that it could through aggressive terrorists acts force the Cuban Government and its people on their knees.

The Socialist Forum of Ghana sees the arrest, trial and conviction of the “Cuban Five” as a violation of law and all principles of justice and equality. These five heroes of Cuba were engaged in legitimate actions aimed solely at preventing terrorists’ attacks against their country. They did not in any way endanger the national security interests of the US and even more importantly their findings were made available to the US authorities.

Whiles welcoming the moves by the Obama administration to end the injustice inflicted on the Cuban people for more than five decades, we urge Cuba to unite behind the call for the preservation of national independence and its enviable Socialist system. This is because the battle against imperialism cannot end before the complete defeat of the system which seeks to dominate the world for the sole purpose of maximising the profits of predatory giant companies.

The measures announced by President Barrack Obama, will no doubt free the huge potential of the Cuban people to accelerate their development processes but they could also be a modern day Trojan horse, well designed to subvert the revolution inspired by Jose Marti.

On behalf of the entire membership of the Socialist Forum of Ghana, we pledge to continue our acts of solidarity until final victory.

Cuban shall truly be free!

Kwesi Pratt, Jnr

For Convener

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  • Moyo Desta Tafari

    This is a good news for Africa and the rest of the world. I believe the relations should teach African countries a lesson that if they resist oppression there would be a definite time for victory. What we all need to abide by is the knowledge not to trust our current political parties on the continent, since none of them is focus and genuine to the cause of Africans. I mean none! There should be a revolution but can only take place when progressive forces, not registered political parties claiming to represent the interest of the people, pick up the struggles of ordinary people to overthrow the neo-colonial political system on the continent.

    Thank you, The Socialist Forum of Ghana and Pan Africanist International
    Moyo Desta Tafari
    Kenya, Nairobi.