“Israel can never be humanitarian!” – Kwesi Pratt, Jnr.

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Mr. Kwesi Pratt on the Alhaji & Alhaji Programme on Radio Gold, Saturday, 10 November, 2012.

I know from a very regular experience that each time you see that attempts are made by certain individuals to distort what Mr. Kwesi Pratt, Jnr., has said, then it means they don’t want the public to know! It has also become customary that whenever you see Mr. Pratt coming under a blitz of attacks from the NPP, it usually means he has have said something they did not like. I also happen to know, that each time I find out what Mr. Kwesi Pratt, Jnr., really said, I happen to agree with him. I am sure that as I write this, there are a lot of people; like Francis Tawiah, Daniel Damptey Danquah, and other undomesticated political commentators of the NPP, who are busy churning out insults and distorting what Kwesi really said. For once, I hope to publish the truth before their distortions, in order for the readers to have a good laugh at their ridiculous propaganda.

It is good that Mr. Pratt is raising this issue, particularly the issue of our brothers and sisters in Israel who are currently afraid to even walk the streets alone because of racist attacks. It can help draw attention to their plight before they are buried under the weight of the current humanitarian blitz! This is why we must not allow what Kwesi said to be distorted. Thus, before the distortions arrive, here is the transcript of the original contribution of Mr. Kwesi Pratt on the Alhaji & Alhaji Programme on Radio Gold, Saturday, 10 November, 2012.

KWESI PRATT, JNR.: You see, in cases of disaster, such as this one, even your most avowed enemies, when they come and they offer assistance, you cannot say no, you understand? So we have a situation, where Israel too, is pretending to be humanitarian. It is a very important matter. We have a situation where because of our disaster, a country like Israel is pretending to be humanitarian and sending 18 people here and so on.

Israel can never be humanitarian! I don’t know if you have read the latest edition of BBC Focus on Africa? Africans in Israel are being treated like dogs. Their apartment buildings are being fire-bombed – this is BBC Focus on Africa, it is not “Insight” – to the extent that African diplomats have complained to the Israeli Foreign Ministry that it is no longer safe for Africans to go jogging or walk around Tel Aviv! You are killing our brothers and sisters in Israel, treating them like dogs, and you bring 18 people here and sniffer dogs and so what?

My brother, that is not all. Some people have short memories. They sheer… in the struggle of decent people in the world against Apartheid, the greatest collaborator of Apartheid was the Zionist state of Israel! They supported the regime in South Africa, who said that Africans are inferior! They were the greatest collaborators of Apartheid. The records are there. The UN records are there!

Today, the Israelis go to Iran and assassinate Iranian scientists, whose only crime is that they are working on the nuclear project in Iran. They go and assassinate them! Look at the mayhem Israel has committed in Gaza! Look at Ramallah! Look at the conditions of Palestinian refugees around the world. Look at all the crimes Israel is committing. Only last week or two ago, Israel bombed Sudan. I am sure you have not forgotten, a sister African country was bombed!

So Israel should save us of its humanitarian pretensions! I am not a member of government, so I don’t speak for government. I speak my mind! And I am disgusted by this Israeli pretension of being humanitarian. Israel will never be humanitarian unless it behaves according to international law.

HOST: In this case, it is fair to say that they are here to save lives and that it is humanitarian. We have to take it that way.

KWESI PRATT JNR.: They are killing more lives than they are saving! And, in fact, they are creating the impression that they are humanitarian, so that they can go on killing more!

HOST: We hope not.

KWESI PRATT JNR.: They are killing more! Do you know the number of people Israel has killed in the last one year? For nothing? The Iranian scientists that they are killing, Master, what crimes have they committed other than being scientists? And meanwhile, it has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in Asia, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf! The hypocrisy! The sheer hypocrisy!

They say anybody talking like the way I am talking, the people who know, will come to you and say, “be very careful. The are dangerous!”, because they are assassins. Assassination is state policy in Israel, so they should save us these pretensions. Of course, many Ghanaians are happy that they came.

HOST: As a host, I think that if the pretensions will save Ghanaians, they should continue, in this case, and save the lives for us, for now.

KWESI PRATT JNR.: You find it necessary to poke your mouth into this matter? That is your business, but if you poke your mouth into this matter, everything you say will be critically examined.

HOST: Go ahead.

KWESI PRATT JNR.: Israel cannot be humanitarian. It is impossible for a Zionist, racist state to be humanitarian!

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