Gaddafi’s death: African Union lifts Libya’s suspension

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Gaddafi’s death: African Union lifts Libya’s suspension

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The African Union (AU) has lifted Libya’s suspension and allowed the National Transitional Council (NTC) to occupy the country’s seat at the continental body, following Thursday’s death of ousted leader Mouammar Kadhafi by NTC fighters. The Peace and Security Council (PSC), of which Libya is a member, lifted the suspension ‘under exceptional circumstances’ and ‘without prejudice’ to the relevant laws, which ban unconstitutional governments from occupying power. The PSC said the circumstances in Libya were exceptional and unique, with the departure of the long-serving leader Kadhafi.

“The PSC decided to authorize the current authorities in Libya to occupy the seat of Libya in the AU organs,” the PSC said in a statement late Thursday.

NTC fighters reportedly captured the former leader alive before killing him, during the battle for his hometown of Sirte.

Earlier, the AU had insisted that it would only lift the suspension of Libya after the NTC agreed to protect the interest of the migrant workers, mainly from the sub-Saharan Africa, who have been harassed, arrested and detained by the NTC fighers.

Pana 20/10/2011


Special Comment: Gaddafi’s death: African Union lifts Libya’s suspension

Very strange news! It looks like the PSC was looking for the slightest opportunity to recognize the NTC ‘without prejudice’ to the relevant laws, which ban unconstitutional governments from occupying power. The fact that they would use the case of the treatment of the human rights African migrants as a precondition for the recognition ought not to be exclusive of mandated constitutive obligations of the PSC. It is not in the power of the PSC to overrule its own constitutive resolution.

Furthermore, there should be no reason to suppose that the kind of barbarism associated with the capture and extra-judicial execution should be allowed to invade and contaminate the African Union and throw the Rule of Law out of the door! Is the PSC saying that it is not right for any group of people, soldiers or civilians, to take up arms and stage a coup d’etat or a civil war, but if they manage to capture and execute the President, then it is right? Is that this precedence not more in favour of war and insecurity than what the AU Peace and Security Council ought to be seen to be promoting?

Would it not have been better to maintain the suspension until the NTC has successfully conducted the elections they themselves have been talking about in a few months? The claim that because the rebels of a country have been able to extra-judicially execute a head of state, they can now walk in and take their seat as a new government is an insult to the struggle for the rule of law, the respect for human rights and the Peace and Security of every African! One may find nothing wrong with the recognition itself because the AU has virtually done so, but the reason given by the PSC to circumvent their own terms of reference is mind boggling!

They must be made to rectify this as quickly as possible! This is a challenge to all those who love peace and security to reign in Africa. Our vision of Africa should not include rebels rushing to Addis Ababa with the heads of their Heads of state on a silver platter as the sole qualification for membership of the club. One would have thought that the AU would in addition to the issue of the treatment of migrants, added a call for investigations into the manner Col. Gaddafi who it appears was captured alive and dragged through the street, died.

The killing of Gaddafi is certainly not the best pretext to reward the NTC with a membership of the PSC. The International Solidarity Committee of the Pan-Africanist International condemns this contamination of the PSC by the way they have admitted the NTC into their midst. We call on all Africans who care about the gravity of such a precedence to oppose it.

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!
Nana Akyea Mensah
International Solidarity Committee
Pan-Africanist International – a grammar of Pan-Africanism and its manners of articulation!

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  • Casey

    You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1



    In life Mount Kilimanjaro he was.
    In death he rose higher than he was.
    He was leonine till he breathed his last;
    And as base bullets of the west rained upon his lion heart,
    His blood with the fury of a tiger
    Rushed out and stained and spotted the rented camouflage
    Of the proxies sent by our planet’s only licenced slaughterer
    To tear and defile his striking stage.

    Birds of night and birds of prey
    Have been hovering over Libya
    Because the oil of Libya
    Refused to flow to their bottomless bay.
    Alas! At last! Hawks and vultures have landed and gathered
    To feast on Libya – their newest spoil.
    O twisted west! O tainted Switzerland!
    I can see you smiling as the proceeds of Libyan oil
    Flow like a river into your reservoirs.
    When will you slay your selfishness, your evilness?

    I heard he was slain for democracy.
    Wait. Pause. Whose democracy? Which democracy?
    Is it the one that imposed slavery on Africans?
    Or the one that colonised Africans?
    O democracy – a veneered dagger! The whetted foot
    With which the cold west
    Slips or freely or forcibly enters into any field
    That grows any plant or seed
    For which her presiding bloodthirsty cult
    Scouts the earth to glaze and gloat a wicked nest.
    So, sing no more of the false songs of democracy
    Or sing of it only to the lay;
    But to me sing no more of western democracy
    Or of its apostles who in its name maim and slay -
    Seize for their lineages the wealth of the world -
    And multiply daily the number of the deprived.

    Africa – the father that betrays his true sons!
    Africa – you have once again danced naked at the marketplace!
    My ears screamed at the radio
    That brought to me the sad audio;
    My heart mourns the valiant soldier of Africa’s self-rule!
    My mouth honours the slain saint of Africa’s renewal!
    For even when I was in bud I saw in his stars
    An African who would live longer than his days.
    O Gaddafi! From the kingdom of martyrdom
    Let your spirit still bear upon Africa’s sleeping conscience
    Until she roars like a lion, and like a tiger charges
    Against the real designers of her gloom.

    Great Seer of Africa! Let your spirit bell
    And never cease to yell
    For the masquerades now on centre stage
    Shall surely be unmasked by time or age.
    Africa! How does the traitor’s arrow find your eagles?
    So was the fate of Nkrumah and Lumumba;
    So was the fate of Murtala, Samora and Sankara;
    So has been the fate of most African eagles.
    Wake up today, my fatherland!
    Wake up today, my motherland!
    Or you shall be the saddest mourner
    When you wake up late from your slumber.
    Until Africa wakes up -
    Until East to West and North to South wake up -
    The spilt blood of African eagles
    Shall pile up generational curses upon their slayers
    And upon the African rats that dig
    The tunnels by which the enemy ravages our rig.

    Come, true patriots of Africa, come!
    Come, solemn soldiers of Africanisation, come!
    Come, let’s gather by the bank of the Nile,
    And there tear our boiling hearts
    And let loose our searing tears,
    Until wrath and hate swell above the Nile -
    Form across the west a belligerent Tambora -
    Erupting and gushing throughout Europe and America;
    For these hawks and vultures
    Have groomed and placed chicks and chickens
    On the revered Libyan throne
    As they have for years in many African nations done.