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Please “like” us on Facebook and share and receive news and views about our continent and the fate of Africa and Africans! The Pan-Africanist International seeks to build a movement that, with your help and support, may soon become a clearing house of information on the identification, defence and advancement of the interests of Main Street Africa.

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  • fufu

    It’s common knowledge that the human species originates from Africa, so bear with me here, but can people who are not of African ancestry be pan-africanist? Would it be a contradiction if an Asian decided to be pan-africanist?

  • Curtis Murphy

    If the person is not of the African Race of People then he is not a pan Africanist…location is not the determining factor here…and a note to you fufu, all people on this earth are not hue man…some are cave men, some are germ man…any word in front of a noun in the use of the english language is called an adjective…an adjective qualifys a noun….so as you observe the adjectives in front of the word “man” which is a noun….it will tell you something about a particular man…the word hue orginates from the greek language it denote men who had the characteristics of color…so what I am saying to you is that all people on the earth do not come from the Hue man species…for instance the Neanderthals do not come from the hue man species…they are the forefathers of the cave men…they are those who come from the caves of the europe…ijs

  • Curtis Murphy

    so the people running the pan african conference still don’t publish the date but say it’s going to be in March….seems like there is a problem if you still don’t have a date…maybe you are going to cancel it again…ijs