Egyptian People’s Struggle is right!

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“Egyptian People’s Struggle is right!”

[Press Statement]

KCTU fully supports the protest of workers and people of Egypt!

The Egyptian peoples struggle against the 30 year of pro-U.S. dictatorship has been continuing for more than 15 days. On February 8, the day which has been decided as a “Day of Solidarity Action” for Egyptian People by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), its affiliates in 151 countries start their solidarity action including presenting protest letter to the Egyptian embassies. KCTU welcomes the ITUC’s decision and will use every endeavour.

The claims of Egyptian people are right. Their demand for minimum wage and right to work is the same as the demand of the KCTU and Korean workers, and Korean people, who have experienced a series of military dictatorships of Park Jung-hee, Chun Du-hwan, and Noh Tae-woo, fully sympathize their demand for an abolition of the Emergency Laws. The international society already turned its back to the rule of an iron fist of Mubarak and is urging his resignation and transition to the democracy. The United States, which has stood by the anti-democracy of Egyptian governments for the sake of its hegemony, is at a loss which way to go.

KCTU, which has its root in the Gwang-ju People’s Uprising in 1980 and the June Struggle for Democracy and the following Great Struggle of Workers in 1987, is paying special attention to the Egyptian Federation for Independent Unions, which has newly established against the government’s national centre. The Federation has let the general strike and struggled strongly with other organizations including the April 6 Youth Movement and launched in the middle of the ongoing struggle. The federation determined to fight to the end despite the ruling class’s suppression. Their demand for right to work, minimum wage, free education and unemployment compensation, which meet the people’s basic demand of livelihood, is absolutely supported by the people.

Egypt is attracting the world’s attention. We firmly believe that the workers and people in Egypt will win the victory despite of the merciless oppression and sabotage of the Mubarak and the manipulation of the United State. KCTU starts its solidarity and support to the Egyptian people’s struggle with joining the international day of action of ITUC and will continue it until the people win a final victory.

“Transition Now, Respect the Will of the People!”

February 8, 2011

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

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