Kwasi Pratt Jnr deplores military actions in Ivory Coast

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The Editor of the Insight Newspaper and leading member of the Socialist Forum, Kwasi Pratt Jnr is convinced that the on-going military bombardment by French forces and local Ivorian rebels on Laurent Gbagbo and his loyalists, only amount to an attempt by the French to establish a strong neo-colonialist presence in the country.

Incumbent Laurent Gbagbo, whom Kwasi Pratt Jnr maintains contrary to international stance, is the legitimately elected president of Ghana’s western neighbour, has come under heavy attacks by the UN backed military presence in the country. Gbagbo, however, denies reports yesterday that he was negotiating his surrender.

Speaking on Radio Gold, an Accra based radio station, Kwasi Pratt Jnr expressed fears that the attack may be aimed at something more apocalyptic than the surrender of Gbagbo. “The attacks were aimed at killing the legitimate president of Ivory Coast,” he said. “This is an act of barbarism which must be condemned by all citizens of the world. The French have no mandate to assassinate any president anywhere in the world.”

Mr Pratt maintains that the apparent steadfastness of Laurent Gbagbo and his resolve to hold on to power stems from his respect and commitment to the wishes of the people in Ivory Coast. “Why will anybody committed to any country abuse the mandate which have been conferred on him?” Mr Pratt asked.

“Gbagbo carries the mandate of the people of Ivory Coast as has been stated by Jose Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola and has been seen by leading political figures in the US.”

With reference to some reports by independent observers of the Ivorian elections which indicated inaccurate voter results, the Insight Editor held that it was a shame to the UN’s credibility to install a president on the bases of such results. “The world is waking up the fact that the world has been massively deceived by a French conspiracy which involves certain officials of the UN.”

He likened the happening in Ivory Coast to the early 1970’s where he said, western countries conspired with local reaction in Congo to kill the Congolese nationalist leader Patrice Lumumba. Adding that, years after, all those who jubilated and cheered on the western forces no longer feel morally strong to identify with the actions of the westerners in Congo.

He believes that regardless of the immediate outcome of the French military cum rebel action in Ivory Coast, the country will know no peace for some time to come. There will be reprisals from the two sides of the conflict.

“…there is no way that Alassane Ouattara can administer Ivory Coast in peace and ensure the development of the country. The military action is only the beginning.”

He said the Ghanaian government, based on its obligation to protect Ghanaian soldiers should call back its forces from Ivory Coast. “The mandate of the UN has changed [from providing protection for Alassane Ouattara and civilians to attacking Laurent Gbagbo]. Our forces are at risk of being used for the battle.”

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