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Egyptian Uprising Fueled by Striking Workers Across Nation

Hide Ya Tweets, Hide Ya Hashtags, They Startin’ Revolutions Out Here

By edward

Tuesday, February 15, 20

This past week the world saw that in the battle of the people vs. the machine, the people prevailed.  Acclaimed poet, Gil Scot Heron said the “Revolution Will Not Be Televised”;  to a certain extent he was right. The revolution was digitized. Even though the seemingly insurmountable Mubarak machine was armed with a  war chest of military muscle, political power, and billions of dollars; protesters were armed with hashtags, twitpics, and Facebook statuses. The online activism in the Egyptian Revolution underscored  how the Internet can not only increase perceived self-efficacy, but also the ability for rank-and-file citizens to mobilize quickly.

“We Are All Khaled Saeed” is a Facebook group which formed in the aftermath of an Egyptian man who was beaten to death by local Egyptian law enforcement. The group attracted hundreds of thousands of members worldwide and played a prominent role in spreading and bringing attention to the growing discontent. As the protests began, Google executive Wael Ghonim revealed that he was the person behind the account. Another potent viral online contribution was made by Asmaa Mahfouz, a female activist who posted a video in which she challenged people to publicly protest…. MORE…

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