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May 25, 2013

On the occasion of African Union Day, the Socialist Forum of Ghana salutes the founding heroes and heroines of the organization of African Unity (OAU) and those whose struggles freed the continent from the yoke of classical colonialism.

As we celebrate 5o years of the founding of the OAU by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and others, the SFG takes note of the fact that the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (Western Sahara) still remains under the grips of colonial occupation and its people continue to suffer blatant violations of their political, economic, and social rights. We call on the African Union and indeed all those who cherish freedom to redouble their solidarity with the people of Western Sahara in their battle against oppression.

The holding of a referendum on the question of Western Sahara as endorsed by both the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations is an important first step to the liberation of the territory from decadent colonial occupation.

The SFG notes with disdain the growing poverty of the African people in spite of the abundant resources and the impressive growth rates being recorded by many countries on the continent. In our view the contradiction of huge resources and an impressive growth rate in the midst of excruciating poverty is a testimony of the fact that Africa’s resources continue to be exploited not to uplift its people but to swell up the profits of the elite in the metropolitan countries.

The process of liberating Africa from the tentacles of colonial exploitation will not be over until and unless the continent achieves economic liberation. Progressive forces in Africa need to intensify the struggle to break free from the shackles which tie us economically to the predatory forces of capitalism. The SFG insists that African resources need to be exploited for the realization of the aspirations and needs of the African people.

We are convinced that only a United Africa led by the forces of change and progress can achieve full economic independence and accelerate the development of the continent.

The SFG calls on African Peoples wherever they are to intensify the struggle against neo-colonialism and for the removal of the artificial barriers imposed by the Berlin Conference in 1884.

The struggle continues and victory is certain.


Kwesi Pratt Jnr,

for convener.


P. O. Box NT 272,



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