Statement of the Socialist Forum of Ghana commemorating the 52 anniversary of Ghana’s Republic.

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Accra- Newtown


June 29, 2012


On July 1, 2012, Ghana will mark its 52nd anniversary of achieving Republican status and thereby freeing itself from the remnants of the shackles of British colonialism. In celebrating this day, the Socialist Forum of Ghana recalls a statement made by Ghana’s founding President, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah more than 50 years ago. He said; “They the colonialists were like robbers taking what does not belong to them. They have partitioned the continent and turned the natural owners of the land into slaves and servants. This state of affairs must end!

It is indeed a matter of deep concern that 52 years after attainment of Republican Status, this state of affairs Nkrumah so eloquently describes continues to persist not just in Ghana but throughout Africa. The resources of Ghana and Africa continue to be exploited not for the benefit of the African masses but to shore up the profits of multi- national corporations of the West.

Ghana now gets less than 5 per cent of the total value of gold exported and its share holding interest in a number of major mines is less than 3 per cent. Ghana also has only a carried interest of 10 per cent in on-going crude oil extraction ventures.

Over the last 30 years, Ghana has privatized more than 400 of its state owned production units under the marching orders of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. These privatizations have occurred for purely doctrinaire reasons and have led to a massive transfer of vital state resources into hostile foreign hands. It is also instructive that many of the privatized entities have collapsed and created conditions for Ghana to become even more dependant on imports.

Today, we import grains, tubers and fish to feed our ever growing population and even simple personal and household items like handkerchiefs, underwears, stoves and fridges are all imported.

In our view the rising unemployment and the general worsening of the economic conditions of the working people is the direct result of under production and the very low levels of productivity in the national economy.

Instead of addressing the fundamental problems which confront the working people of Ghana and Africa, the SFG notes that the African ruling elite is embarking upon another suicidal enterprise of entering into an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union.

We fully endorse the views of the Third World Network stated in its policy brief on the EPA and note that with regards to trade in goods, the interim agreement commits Ghana to eliminate tariffs on 80 per cent of goods imported from the European Union. In view of the fact that 40 percent of all of Ghana’s imports come from Europe, the signing and enforcement of this agreement will substantially reduce the level of government revenue from import duties with far reaching consequences for the national budget and resource allocation. In addition the agreement will lead to the collapse of domestic infant industries which cannot withstand competition with heavily subsidized imports from Europe. This will also lead to significant job losses.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the declaration of Ghana as a Republic, the SFG calls on all progressive forces to oppose the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU and to rally around the call to take back African resources for the benefit of the African people.

We dare not fail in this heroic task of liberating our people from the clutches of neo-colonialism because our very survival depends on it.

We salute Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and the Founding Fathers of Ghana on this historic occasion.


Kwesi Pratt, Jnr.

For Convener

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  • kobla Carbonu

    Attention: Ban Kim Moon



    1. Petitioner(s) refer to his several
    petitions addressed to you including some dated as far beyond the year
    2005, and copied head of states and governments its parliament, chief
    justices and several others, claiming against John Ageykum kuffour,
    John Evans Atta mills(a so call law professor, legal illiterate,
    intellectual slave, bloodthirsty savage, live illegally and late
    shamefully in the presidency) of the presidency of Ghana, office of
    parliament, six supreme court justices including the chief justice/
    office of council of state, electoral commission (not to put up
    criminals for election) and others for condoning, providing aid and
    comfort to treasonable characters /coupist, Bank of Ghana and Ghana
    commercial fraudsters drug barons ,armed rubbers, and persons diverting
    pre mix fuel ect, with intend to file additional claims on receipt of
    decision, (Jahn Dramani Mahama then in (member of) parliament,
    effectively collaborated and or silent on / in the illegality, vetted,
    approved (some the treasonable) accused persons mention above as
    supreme court chiefs /Justices and the fraudulent court fees. See (C
    I. 45) intended to frustrate petitioner(s),while there was petitions
    pending against them and or before parliament, and at the presidency
    vice / president took oath(s) / chairman of the police council, whose
    notorious police force with the collusion with their colonial masters
    and the judiciary on occasions ambushed ,kidnapped / adopted /
    terrorized /tortured /detained, starved and with force and harm steal /
    confiscated petitioner’s mobile phones temporary. Believe in the
    process bag the phone, this is the second time, my first phone is still
    in their custody since 4/14/ 04, and attempted killing and or
    manipulating the death of petitioner and also on the 3 /28 / 2012).
    These notorious criminals /intellectual slaves are perpetuating
    ,and supporting the crimes by providing aid/job and comfort to
    themselves while the petitioner, victims and dependents continue to
    suffer from effect of accused / criminals / crime / harm /injuries
    3. Britain and America are accessories to the crimes / the lawlessness.
    4. Petitioner(s)/ victims yet to receive single response or reliefs ‘sought up to date.
    These criminals (Jahn Dramani Mahama including) on the 12/7/12
    submitted in the name of political parties, to unsuspecting Ghanaians
    for election under the auspices of the electoral commission without
    purging themselves of the treasonable conduct, occupied offices of the
    presidency/parliament/judiciary /appointing/approving people in the
    name of doing business under the very 1992 constitution of republic of
    Ghana, they (the criminals) ,abrogated /altrated or part of it ,and or
    subverted and have not restored it, or cure it, is in effect, it effect
    on their victims /petitioner(s) the unlawful alteration and abrogation
    and or violation of (all) the chapters, including the unnumbered
    preamble people’s aoth/contract with all people of the world and God
    page of 210 pages of the 1992 republican constitution of Ghana / 0r
    part / an adoption / enactment to abuse human right through and or by
    the abrogation of the constitution ,and other crimes is in effect and
    it’s effect not remedy/cured, culminating the continual violations of
    victims human right and suffering.(an alteration of extract admintrative
    rules and regulations and professional codes MOH May 95 clause(7) of
    requlations14 See article 1,2,3,11 of 1992 constitution of Ghana)
    Not to talk of daily renew fresh attempts to murder petitioner,
    vanished the body and or strategically toxin poison petitioner or course
    death through (motto) accident and or interference in petitioner means
    of survival, inducing /manipulating /coercing/trap petitioner to sin and
    or secum to their cohesive demonic maneuvers to enable the criminals
    /demons to blackmail /demonized petitioner into people disaffection,
    including invading / intruding into petitioner private life even to the
    extend of exposing petitioner private part / nude pictures / films
    through the use of surveillance set light sets for exclusive public use
    /view of the criminals gangs refer above and their family / kinsmen
    /colonial and imperial masters over a wisky ,bear and or coffee,
    virtually ,this is their solution to the problem, this is the extend
    some black men /a generation can go to sacrifice their brethrens, in
    defense of their colonial and slave masters ;a generation of spoil
    pampered, lazy dadi ba /children, uninovative, thief’s ,psychopaths,
    kleptomaniacs; a greedy recycle octogenarian politicians whose
    offspring’s / generation /gens think they have the devilish right to
    rule / and have demonically strategically position themselves;
    brothers, sisters uncles, nieces, cousins, nephews and school mates, in
    all sphere of our life, be it in the executives legislature judiciary
    ect and have arrogantly turn state offices into their private
    kitchen, they even think they are above the law /state and will do
    anything to materialize their devilish wishes(even if it entails killing
    people) and get away with it.
    7. If I die or killed through
    the manipulation of these notorious criminals/ who are only accountable
    to some devilish / demonic, faceless, filthy, blood thirsty, stinking
    cult /cultist the world will appreciate on whose hands / heads my blood
    is / will be and history will absorbed me (stev biko, and co history
    absorbed then)
    8. The media gang up and have become virtualy
    an accomplices in the crime and look on the continual lawlessness
    -the question of the fraudulent court fees / C.I , why the Supreme
    Court will list and hear some cases while refusing to list others cases
    that were registered before the later and on the question of the
    foundation of the supreme court that they cultist, treasonable legal
    illitreat chief /justices/ lawyers colluded and subverted the orderly
    struchtures of the court and their ethics by their judgements.but the
    media rather decided to feed the public with timid comic or concert
    like media reportage.See supreme court case /judgment № J5/24/04 dated
    10/26/ 04 coram Miss SA Akuffo, Dr S.Twum, Dr SK. Date-Bah. FM Lartey.
    RT Aninakah, Kobla Carbonu vs GK Acquah and case № J7/2/05.that join the
    obove name so call supreme court justices as respondents to the suit
    coram.W.A.Atugaba See how he(Atugaba} visited the treasonable
    misbehavior of his colleagues / paneling the case to single supreme
    court on the petitioner being applicant, in misjudgment dated 11/
    23/04. No wonder they refused to list the case № J5/2/ 05 filed aginst
    them on 24/12/ 04 up to date.
    Connivance in looting state coffers,
    media men in Ghana each given up to about over
    90.000.00) ninty thousand dollars is it for the gang up and or for their
    9. It is petitioner(s) hope world citizenry, the
    international coumunity,U N and its agencies, governments and head of
    Governments and it institutions would not look on and bring itself into
    disrepute and allow these historically barbaric can car, these
    criminality/ terrorists/ traitors / treachery / wickedness / coupist /
    /mutineers/ cultists /witchery /envy and hatred for the petitioner(s)
    and truth /murderers / blood thirsty savages / insanity tendency be
    perpetuated. and hope the world ( leaders) will not appear
    cooperating/aiding/supporting this criminals/state or orders from
    jurisdiction (of Ghana) and or by inviting and or hosting them as
    honorable men /women.
    10. Until then any business done with this
    notorious criminals refer above (in the name of the republic of Ghana)
    is done at one’s own / country risk because this criminals are
    illegitimately contracting contracts recklessly and are in all forms of
    fraudulent alliances virtually as agents of their slave,(cult) masters,
    exploiting / selling, stealing the worth / resource of the people in
    the name of doing government business in the name of the people,
    thereby keeping the people impoverished and underdeveloped, to enable
    them (the criminals and their collaborators) perpetuate and entrench
    their slavery /neo colonial and demonic cultist agenda , for one day,
    the good people(of Ghana ) will not be responsible for this criminals
    actions and inactions.(what is more slavery or crime against humanity
    than one entering into an arrangement in which a Nation owed less than
    50 percent “ share” of it owned “natural’’ resources?)
    11. As for
    the clergy the way they are conducting themselves, I hope if Jesus
    Christ came again they will not gang up with the politician and intend
    to kill and kill him again
    12. The armed forces have a
    constitutional responsibility to intervene temporary clean up this mess
    /this”John John and Jimmie Jimmie” nonsense, restore the
    constitution hand over to a new clean civilian Government and quickly
    go back to barracks ( all this demons have soil their hands and are
    incapable of doing any clean up)
    13. Human Right abuse anywhere is a threat to human right abuse everywhere.
    14. By this copy print /circulate / past /sent to as many as you can.
    15. By this correspondence, your advice assistance and representation.
    The1992 republican constitution of Ghana is in deep trouble lawlessness
    is engulfing all of us. (petitioner have the capacity to defend
    any single word / adjective used)
    17. I have decided to copy all
    head of states, Governments, it other arms of governments including it
    chiefs/ justices and several others. International morality is at
    18. Your Intervention Response and Reliefs sought. Please.
    in the struggle for democracy, rule of law, human rights, Justice,
    liberty, and the struggle against crimes including crime against
    humanity /minority groupings

    Kobla Carbonu
    Spokesperson (for PETWI) Box md 124.Accra-Ghana. Mobile(233)(0302) 0244938277
    NB My yahoo E-mail has been invaded and access tempered, I do not wont
    to think that it because yahoo is British owned organization.ICC web
    site claim it will not be dealing with cases before them and being
    dealt with in other united nations agencies or other regional bodies,
    how do people know it positions on issues if ICC cannot communicate
    simple acknowledgment of receipt of their client petitions address to
    them, does this not raise contradiction issues on the claim independency
    of ICC What do UN/HRC and ICC do?. I may use G-mail in case.